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Our Story

 TGH Lashes was designed and brought to life by a makeup artist and lash fanatic, who had enough of over spending on poor quality strip lashes.

“From the ages 14-19 I had spent approx £5,000 on Strip Lashes. Stupid money! Not because I wanted to, but as someone who wouldn’t leave the house without a pair of falsies on, I had too. I remember purchasing from the highest brands spending £10-30 on each pair, only for them to feel really heavy on the lid, for the thick black bands to poke my eyes out and to only experience 1-2 uses from them as they’d break or shed”

 Was it so hard to create affordable lashes that feel lightweight, comfortable & won’t poke your eyes out?

I began researching, designing and experimenting with materials and what lash fanatics really want in a lash. I had 2 jobs and all my free time and every last coin went into creating the best eyelashes on the market.

This is when TGH Lashes was born!

I have designed and brought to life over 30 Luxury Lash styles.

Each Lash is 100% Cruelty Free - They’re ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear for 8+ hours. I have designed each lash to be wispy & fluffy to create a sultry, must have look. They’re easy to apply, set on a thin, bendy black band. Did I mention they last up to 15 wears?

I’ve done it! I have designed eyelashes that are lightweight, Comfortable, won’t poke your eyes out, affordable and last up to 15 wears!

Still to this day a whole 2 years later, I’m shocked and forever grateful for every one of you who put your trust into my brand knowing you’re going to receive an amazing, high quality product.

Each lash is handmade in the UK/USA with love. When you purchase from TGH Lashes you’re buying into a brand who is here to change your lash game, who still to this day use all profits to design magnificent new styles and to create a desirable product you’ll love!

 TGH Lashes is here for makeup artists and lash loves! They can be worn by every gender and any age. Lashes are here to make you feel extra beautiful, make a statement and to stand out from the crowd!

P.S Even after 2 years, our team does a happy dance each time you order from us! Sometimes it’s over 1,000 dances a day, that’s a lot of wiggling!🥰

 You’ll love them, we promise.

 TGH Lashes xo